Sunday, September 28, 2008

2 Months

Elizabeth is now officially 2 months old, and we're both hanging out on the couch watching football, so I thought I'd take this short moment of free time to give everyone a quick update on life.

For those of you who want to know, here's what's up:

School Stuff: Stephen has now finished his first quarter of doctoral classes, and has jumped right into the next. He's still not sure what he thinks about the quality of his professors' teaching skills, but he is very excited about all that he is learning. It's really exciting for him to be challenged in a new field, but also get to use the skills he already has.

Visits: After an awesome time in Dallas and, then, a day trip to see Sarah for her birthday, Elizabeth and I will be taking a break from traveling. However, we're really excited because we just found out that our close Baylor friends will be coming to visit us in October! Kristen is coming from New York in a few weeks, and Brian, Stephen, and Kelly will be visiting over Halloween. (I guess you could say that it will be a "scream!" hehe). For those of you in Dallas, we Bushes will all be coming again over Christmas break, and we are PUMPED!

Church Hunt: Elizabeth is finally old enough to give us the chance to start visiting churches again, and this morning we re-visited a church that we tried before Elizabeth showed up. It's a great church, and although we missed some of the service (because of Elizabeth), we had a wonderful morning. We think we will end up there, but just to make sure, we will visit around a couple more, first.

Elizabeth: Wow, talk about progress. Elizabeth is constantly surprising us with all that she is learning to do. She can smile for real now, and for the most part, she's sleeping through the night. She is also beginning to be entertained by her toys. (Her attention span, however, is still lacking.) She has grown out of her newborn sleepers, and she is finally starting to fit all of the cute clothes that we got at the baby showers. It's like having a little doll that I get to dress up every day. It's great, and we're having fun! Oh, and now that I've put up the last picture frame, her room is FINALLY decorated. I'll take pics and post them soon.

Health: I finally bit the bullet and joined a gym to start losing my baby weight. Wish me luck; I have a LOT to lose, but I think I can because I've committed my time AND money.

I guess that's it for now. Keep us in your prayers. We have a lot going on this fall, and we'd still like to make more friends. God is good, though, and we know we're in His hands.

Love to you all!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Great Trip

Well, Elizabeth and I are finally back from our big trip to Dallas, and it was wonderful! Everyone was so great to hang out with. I had been missing everyone so badly. It was good for me to be near wonderful people, and it was good for Stephen to have some time to himself to work on stuff.

Anyway, we took a million pics of Elizabeth, so here are a few. There will be more on my facebook later. By the way, the pics are in no particular order, and I'm sorry I don't have pics of Elizabeth with everyone that I visited. (I didn't have my camera with me)

Love to you all!
Elizabeth with her Grandpa Bush

Elizabeth with Loren

Elizabeth doesn't mind baths now.

Elizabeth with her Great Aunt Suzie

Elizabeth with her Gramma Bush

Elizabeth is starting to smile now!

Elizabeth with her Great Gramma (great face)

Elizabeth with Cousin Sam and her great Uncle Steve

Elizabeth with her Uncle Brian

Here's Elizabeth with Gran, Grandad, and cousin Emilee

Here are a couple of Elizabeth with her DeeDee

Here's Elizabeth with her Pops

Elizabeth with her Great Mema

Friday, September 5, 2008

Home on the Range

This little one and I will be making our way to home sweet home in Texas this Sunday. I can't wait! It will be so fun! Elizabeth just got a clean bill of health from her doctor, and I got a clean bill of health from my doctor, so we are READY!

In other news, I've decided that, now that I'm completely healed from Elizabeth's birth, it is high time to start trying to lose the left over baby weight. Let me tell you, it will NOT be easy or fun, but I am determined. So, I'm treating my trip to Texas as a last hurrah of sorts because when I get back to NC, I'm going to work out, eat better, and try to get myself at least CLOSE to back where I was. Pray for me; I'm not very good at this.

Love to you all, and I can't wait to see you in Texas! :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dancin' in September

If life is a dance, I'm right in the middle learning a totally new one. Being a mom and a homemaker is totally awesome, and I am truly excited to be learning all the new "moves" that come with this new dance, but there are a LOT of new moves to learn. Every day, I think I'm learning a new one.

This month I have many new ones to learn. The biggest is to learn how to take Elizabeth on a plane. I won't lie; I'm nervous, but I'm also excited because it means that we're going to be going to Dallas to visit family and friends. I've missed everyone SO much, so this is going to be great.

Speaking of friends, Krysta Edwards and Stephen's sister, Sarah, came to visit us over the weekend, and we had a blast! They are so much fun to hang out with, and Elizabeth was so good for us while they were here. It was a great time.

Here are some pics of Elizabeth with Krysta. Aren't they cute together?