Sunday, June 29, 2008

Movin' In! :)

Hello everyone! Well, I'm FINALLY updating this thing. Sorry it's taken so long. I won't usually be this absent, but moving was ridiculous! For a while there, it felt like everything was just harder and more difficult than what we had planned on.

BUT, it's okay because we're here, and we're living at our new place. We're ALMOST done with the apartment, and when we are, I PROMISE that I will post pics!

On that note, the reason we haven't posted pics is not just because we didn't have internet (even though we didn't have it for a while); we're also waiting on getting a new camera. It's really exciting! Stephen was able to get a really nice one because it's a graduation present from his grandparents. So, it's on order, and should be here soon! We can't wait! Once we get it, we'll have awesome pics to post on here!

In other news, Stephen and I saw WALL-E tonight. It's WONDERFUL, and everyone should go see it. We were especially impressed that the movie did such a good job of getting you to fall in love with the characters even though they hardly talked at all. It was greatness!

Well, we love ya'll and miss you greatly! We will post on here a lot more often now, so keep reading, and keep in touch! :)