Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Update

Ok, now that I've gotten a chance to brag on my little girl, I'll update about the rest of our crazy life (but I'll try to be brief...since I don't know who reads this anymore anyway.):

Stephen: So, he's finally in the lab that he will be in for the rest of his doctoral program. Daunting and exciting at the same time. Now, he just needs to get a good project from his professor so that he can begin researching for his dissertation. I can't believe that he still has 4 yrs to go, and he's already having to start thinking about his dissertation work. Oh well, I guess that's how this stuff works. Pray that the Lord will keep him motivated and excited to work and that his brain won't go completely mush. :)

Jen: Pray for me because we looked at the budget, and there is no way that we can go another year without me working. It's a bummer, and I know it will all work out, but the job market is very low right now, so I'm starting to be a little concerned. I've applied everywhere I can think, but there just aren't jobs because of budget cuts and things. The only school that is interested in me is in a town that's like 1hr away. I just don't think I could handle that commute, even if everything else about that situation was perfect. Pray for God's wisdom and most importantly, His provision. I know it's out there....I just can't see it yet.
Summer: Well, we've made it half-way through the summer, and we still have a bunch going on. Elizabeth will experience her first 4th of July celebration this weekend, and then she'll be going to her first baby birthday party for some friends at church. Then Gran and Grandad are coming for a short visit, and finally, we'll be going to Florida at the end of the month for hers and her Grandma's birthdays. It has been so busy, but I've decided that it's a good thing.

Randomness: So couple of other random updates that serve no other purpose than to entertain (hopefully) -> First of all, Stephen and I have gotten ourselves hooked on a summer tv show (and didn't expect it). It's called Merlin, and it's kind of like one of those shows that's about the growing up/teenage years of someone famous before they were important and famous. For lack of a better comparison, I guess you could say this show, Merlin, is to the Once and Future King what Smallville is to the Superman stories. (Only it's much better b/c there's less melodramma and more action and adventure) So, it's got the whole cast of Medieval characters as teens: Merlin, Arthur, Guenevere, Lancelot, etc. Sounds cheesy, but Stephen and I LOVE Medieval stuff, so we are really enjoying it.

, since we live so far away, Stephen and I will get on our web cams every so often so that the grandparents can see Elizabeth. Well, tonight we discovered that Elizabeth is at a tough age for web-camming. She's old enough that she can see her grandparents on the screen and recognize them, but she's still too young to understand that they're far away, and she can't touch them. She got VERY upset about this, so we're going to have to come up with something to fix this problem. Gosh, living with a baby gives you SUCH a new perspective on everything. Sigh, but it's so good too.Well, I think that's about it. To all of you who still keep up with this blog, thanks, and keep praying for us. We are so blessed by all of our friends and family who support us and pray for us. We NEED it! And I'll try to be better about updating more often.

Love to you all!

Friday, June 26, 2009

11 Months

Well, I can't even believe it, but Elizabeth is 11 months old now! Here are some of the awesome things she can do now:
- eat all kinds of crackers and solid foods
- toddle (walk and try to run, hehe)
- "sing"
- play tag
- climb up (and kind of down) the stairs
- point (at everything)

She's the best, and keeps growing like crazy! We're so proud! Here are some more pics of her on a typical play day.

More to come, friends!

Love to you all!